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"I meant it. You are extraordinary."

I’ve been rewatching old Castle episodes lately (along with the new season) and I just love that show so much. It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn fanart for TV/movies, but Caskett is one of my otps so I had to at least give it a try. It doesn’t really look like them, but I really wanted to use this color palette again so this picture happened.


Today I reached 1000 followers! which is hard for me to grasp to be honest, I remember how surprised I was when I reached 100. Because I am extremely flattered and grateful for all the encouragement I have received here, I wanted to give something back….so,  I made some printable Castle Bookmarks (and some firefly ones as well) to share, using some of my pictures I have made over time. To everyone that followed me, rebloged me, liked me or just wrote me to say Hi. Thank You ♥

snaggable. printable. sharable. I would appreciate if my name stays with them though.

you can find individual ones (along with firefly ones)  here.

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