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She’d liked Pearl. Pearl hadn’t meant to Taser Archie. Well, she’d meant to Taser him, but how was she supposed to know that her then-boyfriend was going to drag Archie away, suspend him naked from meat hooks, and try to hack him up with an ax? Hadn’t everyone had a bad boyfriend at some point?

Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain

I love this series!

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From The ARCHIE SHERIDAN / GRETCHEN LOWELL series, by Chelsea Cain.

It has already been optioned by FX and it is to be made into a tv series. But we haven’t had any news since it has been announced that January Jones has signed on to play Gretchen…

To me, the choice is pretty simple:

Matt Ryan as Archie Sheridan
Jane Levy as Susan Ward

(I’m okay with January Jones as Gretchen)

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